FORE Partnership

Creative Director
& Lead Designer

With Glasgow's first cycle in ramp, a dedicated occupier app and anti viral paint – Cadworks was never going to be your average office building. 

Dubbed 'Scotland's most sustainable office building' and Net Zero Carbon in operation, the people behind the project were also not your average property developer. FORE believed that sustainability and wellbeing should be at the core of all buildings and our challenge was to demonstrate this through all the marketing materials.


A huge differentiator for Cadworks was the 'Saddle to Seat' feature – we built on the core idea of a workplace designed for the occupiers every needs to create a visual identity and tone of voice that echoed this new, frictionless way of working.   

The Cadworks logo reflects the flexible and unique nature of the space – colourful modular shapes framed content and augmented cutout imagery that helped tell the story of the building and the concept of 'Cadworking'.


As construction for Cadworks continued, the marketing materials developed – a magazine style brochure was produced; a website featuring interactive virtual tours of the space as well as regular emailer updates to maintain interest and inform the recipients of all the innovative practices in the run-up to the launch.


Fore were keen to keep all touch-points of the building identity consistent from start to finish, hence our close involvement throughout the project. We were tasked with applying the visual identity to all signage and wayfinding graphics for the building as well as the creation and implementation of on-floor marketing and a launch video.