Cavendish Medical

Design Director
& Lead Designer

Created by a doctor who was unable to find the specialist support needed for his financial affairs, Cavendish Medical offer financial planning exclusively for medical professionals.

Their visual identity was tired, generic and very traditional, often creating confusion with a stag logo and imagery that lacked meaning and purpose. Our work involved key internal stakeholder interviews as part of a brand distillery process to better understand the workings of CM and use the findings to inform the rebrand.

At the heart of Cavendish Medical was the adventurous community. The logo tapped into this spirit of adventure, using a viewfinder and a mountain range (a nod to the existing identity) to represent the initials C & M combined with a vibrant palette to reinforce the energetic community. The proposition focused on the value of Cavendish Medical's services to empower it's clients to pursue their interests and live a life more enriching.

The revitalised visual identity used a rich and approachable illustration style married with a tone of voice that was smart and thought provoking, creating a fresh and unique expression of the Cavendish Medical brand that resonated far better with the audience.


Illustration: Good Studio