Lead Designer

From iceberg lettuce to ice-cold beer, get what you want (or need) in minutes with Getir. With an established brand that had success operating throughout Turkey, Getir wanted to continue the success in the UK, starting with Zones 1 & 2 in London.

Our role was to create multiple campaign ideas that would appear in print, digital (including social) and appeal to a UK audience, and where possible, target London specifically. The key objectives of the campaigns were to launch Getir to a new audience and persuade people to download the app and use their services.


One of our initial campaign executions used a colloquial, witty tone of voice combined with simple visuals to create real-life scenarios in which Getir would come to the rescue. Some of the advertising was geographically focused to target people using the tube, after concerts or football matches with the visual style, language and product selection aligned with the type of event.   


A key usp of Getir is their speed – we brought this to life using a delivery driver on a signature Getir moped, dropping off products in super quick time. The visuals and language added humour, whilst reinforcing the proposition 'The quickest grocery deliveries in London'.


As well as speed of delivery, we were keen to show the ever increasing product availability. Using an existing strapline that was often buried away in communications, we brought 'Minutes Matter' to the fore. Created from a montage of products, this became the hero idea and spin-off social advertising focused on singular products that could be targeted based on user search.


Whilst previous executions focused on Getir's offering, there was also the need to introduce the company to an audience who were unfamiliar with them. Our 'WANT' and 'GET' campaign was straightforward and effective – reducing down the entire proposition of Getir to two simple words and reinforcing the name in the process.


Brand strategy: Treve Ripley