KIC Team

Design Director
& Lead Designer

KIC Team are a business specialising in cleaning products for technical devices and equipment. The existing identity was outdated and in need of a refresh and all aspects of the marketing were very disparate.

The challenge was creating better cohesion between all offline and online communications and presenting a better online offering and product experience for both potential and existing customers.

The KIC arrows graphic device is an integral part of the identity and represents forward thinking; backward and forward motion (the action when cleaning a device) as well as being used on packaging and other marketing materials to highlight areas of interest, contain assets & products and used within navigation & wayfinding.


The products and technologies required individual logos that needed to be distinct, but clear synergy was still required to show they were part of the KIC family. A holding device offered a framework for the core KIC brand to shine through and both static and animated identities were created for the sub-brands to provide context and add character – these were then applied to online and offline communications.


Through research and development, we concluded that the KIC website should be more than just a company overview – it needed to be a resource for all the products and technologies.

With that in mind, we created a multi-lingual website that allowed users to learn about the products & technologies using guides and video tutorials, search by devices or enquire about specific products to their industry.


Web development: Mark Starkey, Kostas Popadopoulos