Cushman Wakefield

Creative Director

A prestigious site in Edinburgh's historic New Town required an identity and marketing campaign to match the exceptional opportunity on offer – dubbed Edinburgh's "sale of the decade."

The project scope called for name generation and a suite of marketing materials, including a lay-flat coffee table sales brochure, an interactive  presentation and video. 


Once a name had been generated the task was to create a form of words that encapsulated the once in a lifetime offer. From here we created a gold render of the logo which became the focal point of the video and was interspersed with beautiful footage of Edinburgh and bold statements supporting the opportunity.


A multi-lingual website was designed and built that incorporated a data room to share and review the numerous documents involved with a sale of this nature. Compelling statistics about Edinburgh's economy, tourism and workforce were leveraged through an interactive presentation and luxury hardback brochure.


The team
Design & creative direction: Tom Norwell

Design & development: David Norwich
Video & sound production: HeeHaw