Design Director
& Lead Designer

SEI are not like many other financial services companies, they are true innovators in their market, creating solutions to help their clients meet the constant challenges of managing institutional and personal wealth. Their offices are unique, the culture is one of a kind and their people are not your typical advisors.

The entire branding required a complete rethink to better reflect this exciting and forward-thinking company.


Drawing inspiration from the form and colour of the unique headquarters in Oaks, we created a dynamic and flexible identity system for SEI that lived up to their proposition 'New ways. New answers'. The shapes and colours could be tailored to each piece of communication and work synergistically with the photography.

Custom shoots were organised and art directed across the global offices to capture the innovative workspaces and the beautiful art that is part of the everyday working environment.


Working closely with the internal design and development team, we ran workshops to share the guidelines as they progressed and to gain insightful feedback that was incorporated into the constantly evolving document. Creating a brand identity that was both fit for purpose and provided longevity was key, so everything from the photography and shapes to the font choices and colour selection offered maximum flexibility.


External agencies, manufacturers and architects armed themselves with the guidelines to help with the production of the website, digital applications, environmental graphics and to inform the interior design and fit-out of the global offices. 


Brand strategy: Treve Ripley

Design & development: SEI design team
Web design: HUGE
Office design: Penson
Photography: Lara Swimmer, Michael Branscom, Simon Jarratt